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Vertical Lounger

Project from DEESAWAT



Vertical lounger, one of the concept to solve the daily use problem of the lounger user.

SPACE - as the lounger is store and vertical stand, they can save a lot of storage space.
MOBILITY - most of the stacking lounger required 2 manpower to do the stacking function. But as this is perform like a cart, they can be easily store by one person and carried where you want .
IMPACT - when lounger are generally stacked, they usually have some scratch or defect on the other as the
weight is one top of each other. But by laying them side by side, there is no weight impact on the product.

プールサイドやバルコニー等、限られたスペースに置かれるラウンジャー。Vertical Loungerは、サイズ感・重量・移動性など従来のラウンジャーの持つ様々な問題の解決に取り組みました。


また、従来の大きく重いラウンジャーでは、一人で移動させることは重労働でしたが、Vertical Loungerは一人でも無理なく動かせます。


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