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Aluminum Stool

prototype of bent stool produced by duende

material: aluminum

producer : duende


Foldable stool which is one of the series of Tube flattening project.


“Tube flattening” originally refers to the technique of flattening a junction in order to affix a metal pipe using welding or a bolt.

In this project, I applied this technique to the structure of furniture and experimented with furniture design that can be manufactured with only low-tech methods, without any need of expensive machinery.


When an aluminum tube is bended by a bending machine, the section that was exposed to the pressure will be deformed. Since the shape of this crushed section is formed into round, another tube fits right into there.

This discovery lead to the idea of designing foldable stool whose structures make use of this function.

Tube Flattening project seriesの一つ、折り畳み式スツールです。


Tube flatteningとは本来、金属のパイプを溶接やボルトで固定する際に接合部分を平らに潰す技法です。

本プロジェクトは、Tube Flatteningを家具の構造体に応用することで、高価な機械を使用せずにローテクな方法で製造できる家具作りを試みました。






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