Project at DESIGN SOIL

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“Shade-lit” provides illumination, free of any mechanical operation
and just by using the easy and intuitive act of putting a cloth on a stick.
Gently drape a fabric over “Shade-lit” and the portion, covered by fabric gives off light.
A sensor detects the cloth and turns on the covered LEDs. 

The covering cloth acts both as a switch and a lamp shade.

By applying different kinds of fabric, anyone can create various beautiful lightings and freely discover fun ways to use “Shade-lit”.

Shade-lit は、機械的な操作を必要とせずに、空中に横たわる棒に布を掛けるという誰もが連想できる行為によって、直感的に操作する事ができる照明です。

Shade-lit にふわりと布を掛けると、布で覆われた部分が光を放ちます。