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quartz lamp

project at Asada Mesh

material : 

stainless steel mesh, steel plate

This is an experimental project for a new product development with ASADA MESH, the manufacturer of the world's finest stainless steel wire mesh.

Basically, stainless steel wire mesh is used in special situations, unseen by the general public, such as in screen printing for electronic boards and sieves for chemical agents.

On the other hand, fabric woven from stainless steel fiber, which is finer than a single hair, has a smoothness and gloss like organdy. Therefore, it has a stunningly high design effect.

Once you switch it on, the mesh surrounding the light bulb emits a diffused reflection, and creates an intricate effect like quartz sparkling in the sunlight. Since it has a metallic lustre and the softness of cloth, which are contrasting properties, it gives us a characteristic lighting effect.





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