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PARI PARI, round table

size :

W.900 × D.900 × H.350 mm

material :

American Red Oak, Glass

About Project

Discovered is a new collaboration by AHEC and Wallpaper* to create a platform for the next generation of designers. As one of the twenty participants, I was asked to explore the themes of touch, reflection and strength, and create a piece that represents the emotional connections to our everyday objects, from a choice of four sustainable U.S. hardwoods.

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For this project, I researched traditional Japanese techniques, such as uzukuri (giving texture to wood by scrubbing) and chouna (chiselling the surface with an adze), and then started experimenting directly on the wood, peeling its layers to create a new veneer. Working with red oak, I peeled it by cutting the panel’s edge and removing the surface by hand, resulting in a jagged effect where the texture of the grain emerges. These imperfectly textured panels became the starting point for a design exploration that led me to a round table shape, using the subtle material as a base to create the effect of an ancient tree trunk.

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