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personal work

material : 

non-woven fabric, wood, rubber o ring, stainless steel, led tape

KOMORU DESK LAMP is a wall light version of the KOMORU PENDANT LAMP, which was created upon the request of KOMORU, a hotel established in 2023 by renovating a traditional Japanese-style folk house in Goshogawara City, Aomori Prefecture.


It was created based on the technology acquired during the development of the pendant lamp and produced as a personal project.


Starting from mastering the bending and welding of 3mm diameter metal rods for crafting the lampshade frame, attaching fabric to the frame, wiring the LED light source, and learning the processing methods for all other materials involved, This product was completed through the accumulation of these processing techniques.

KOMORU DESK LAMPは、2023年、青森県五所川原市に古民家を改装して造られた宿泊施設のKOMORUから依頼を受け制作したKOMORU PENDANT LAMPのデスクライトタイプ。



KOMORU Goshogawara

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