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personal work

material : Aluminum Profile, Stainless Steel, LED Tape

In Japan, aluminum is commonly used in construction materials and can be found in various indoor and outdoor applications, such as window frames and balcony railings. While it may be a byword for an inexpensive material, paying attention to its history and properties can reveal previously overlooked allure and value. The continuous smooth surfaces and sharp edges of extruded aluminum products can evoke a sense of tension and an artificial,
minimal beauty akin to sculpture.

Thus, I endeavored to create a product where two opposing aesthetic values coexist by adding handcrafted elements to the beauty brought about by the precision of machine-made, extrusion-molded aluminum.

Arrow is a floor lamp with indirect lighting, featuring a shade made from a mass-produced L-shaped profile whose ends have been forged to taper like the tip of an arrow. The LED light source is tucked inside a U-shaped profile, with the shade clamping and securing at both ends of this U-profile. The reflected LED light softly illuminates the walls, with the design intending to let the silhouette of the light float in the illumination. In a world where mass production is dominated by consistent machine processes, Arrow aimed to combine the primitive method of stone tool production, passed down for thousands of years, with modern materials developed since the 20th century, resulting in a product marked by the traces of human hands.



Arrow は量産品のL 型プロファイルの両端を、まるで矢の先端のように端部に近づくにつれて細くなるよう叩き出し加工を施したシェードを持つ間接照明型のスタンドランプである。LED の光源はU 字型のプロファイルの内部に仕込まれており、シェード両端でU 字プロファイルを挟み込み固定する仕組みになっている。シェードの中で乱反射したled の

人の介入を避け一貫した機械加工によって量産品が製造される現代のものづくりにおいて、打製石器のような数千年前から受け継がれてきたプリミティブな加工法と、20 世紀以降に開発された現代のマテリアルを組み合わせることで人の手による加工跡が残るプロダクトを目指した。

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